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Our Mission

Our mission is simple.  We want to build a First-Class team of trained distributors to help bring awareness to the AcuLife and LifeWave patches that help reduce pain & inflammation and increase energy in humans and horses in a matter of seconds, all backed by a 100% money-back guarantee.

The AcuLife Patches (the Equine Division) offer drug free and needle free pain management for horses with no side effects.  The AcuLife patches are also able to reduce inflammation and increase energy.  AcuLife works fast and you can see results in a matter of seconds.  No waiting months, weeks or even days for results.

The LifeWave Patches (the Human Division) enable people all over the world to feel great, live long and live well.  LifeWave’s product line offers a unique collection of homeopathic and acupressure products that improve quality of life without the need for drugs, stimulants or needles entering the body.  Whether it’s helping those that are suffering in pain, giving people more energy or anti-aging solutions, LifeWave is here to help.